About the Author

Helen Austin, R.N., LCSW was born in Toronto, Canada.  She graduated from The Hospital For Sick Children, and the University of Toronto, with a degree in Public Health. She met and married her husband, and they later moved to Connecticut where Helen worked as a social worker, case worker and, later, as a therapist. Helen and her husband now live on the West Coast, close to her son and his family.  She wrote BITTERSWEET to share her family’s adoption journey with others.

Our experience showed us that Adoption is a process, love cannot be tuned on by pushing a button, nor is it a safe process for the other siblings without a great deal of understanding and sensitivity.  Adopting a “difficult to place” child can work to the benefit of each individual.  One can gain some of this understanding to be better prepared for the bumps and crevices of these challenges wisely.